Homework: How to Improve Your Remote Workspace

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         Homework: How to Improve Your Remote Workspace

For millions of work-at-homers across the USA, the office is little more than a kitchen table and a box of raisin bran. Remote working means that our home and work lives are increasingly interlinked, but to stay productive, it’s important to divide the two and give your workspace the TLC it deserves — Redesign + More Interior Decorating explains how.

Upgrade Your Furniture

In 2016, it was found that American adults spend 6.4 hours per day sitting — well before the pandemic. If you’re going to spend so much time in a chair, you might as well make sure it’s a good one. As you shop for the perfect throne, pay close attention to adjustability, lumbar support, and materials/fabric. It’s worth the extra research — a good office chair can improve your posture, energy, and productivity.

Upgrading your furniture isn’t all about buying new. Sometimes, with a quick search for reupholstery services, you can get more usage out of existing items and this can often prove a cheaper option. Prices will depend on the size and quality of the item. Before agreeing to terms with a company, make sure you’ve read plenty of reviews.

Improve Your Tech

Beyond comfortable furniture, your workspace needs the right tech to help you keep your productivity flowing. An old mouse or keyboard, outdated software, a glitchy webcam and keeping with paper only calendars can actually slow you down. Give your tech the makeover it needs by upgrading any necessary accessories or hardware (sites like Tech Pro Daily can help you choose), and look into online tools like Pomodoro apps to help you stay focused, Trello to help manage tasks and projects, and Evernote for taking notes.

Go Green

Good office space isn’t just about comfort but also appearances, humidity, and clean air. This is where plants come in. If you’re not on Instagram, you should know that America has gone completely plant crazy and for good reason — keeping some greenery in your workspace looks great in meetings, can improve the smell, and, for a lot of us, is a great mood booster.

Picking the right plants is an art in and of itself. Your plant criteria depend on your access to sunlight, desk/floor space, and whether or not you have pets. For a little sprucing up, you can’t go wrong with cacti. If you want something easy to take care of, look no further than Devil’s Ivy — this is a great option but is toxic to cats and dogs. And if you want something calming and great for the quality of air, the aloe vera plant is hard to beat. Houseplants don’t break the bank and, for such a reasonable value, can completely improve the ambiance of your home office.

 Light Up

In an ideal world, we’d finish all our work by the end of the day. Unfortunately, from time to time, we all have to burn the midnight oil. That’s why lighting is so important. In an office, perhaps even more than elsewhere at home, your choice of lamp, overhead bulbs, or access to sunlight can directly affect productivity by keeping you awake.

You might be surprised to learn that there’s been a lot of research into lighting and how it relates to work. We recommend shopping LED for starters — LED bulbs tend to be more energy-efficient than halogens and come in various sizes. You’ll be able to pick between warm or clear — deciding which is a matter of personal preference (although warm tends to compliment appearances better over a Zoom call). 

In the new normal, your home is your workplace and the space where you’re spending the most time. If you can take the time to improve a few of its key features using some of the advice above — your mood, focus, and productivity will shortly follow after.

Article written by

Erin Reynolds


Image by Pexels