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Sunny Interior Color Scheme

Splash in some yellow in your interior rooms and feel an instant happy. Redesign + More can create your mood board that fits your color scheme and style.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Top Tips For Updating Your Home on a Budget

It’s the time of year where the thoughts of homeowners turn to their interiors. Longer days make it easier to give your home a good spring clean, and the brighter sunlight pouring through the windows is highlighting all of those areas where your décor is looking shabby and your interiors are in need of an update. While you may be keen to make some changes though, your budget might not be so enthusiastic! If you have more dash than cash and want to update your home on a tight budget then here are a few key hints and tips:

Personalize Where You Can
Interior-savvy homeowners often avoid buying items from popular generic home stores because they don’t want a house that looks like everyone else’s. Whilst this is a valid concern, for those on a budget, these stores really do provide some fantastic and affordable pieces. The key to incorporating these into your home with style is to get creative and commit to some crafty personalization. Buying a plain white shower curtain will cost less than $15, for example, but you can make it look considerably more expensive, and tie it into your existing bathroom décor by trimming it with a deep fabric hem in a gorgeous on-trend fabric. Similarly, you can buy scatter cushions for your bed or sofa in plain bold colored fabrics and then embellish them with sequins, lace or even add your initials in fun felt or velour to really give your accessories that personal touch. Once you start personalization the possibilities are endless: add a ribbon border along the bottom of your lampshades and add a trim and homemade tiebacks to your curtains.

Make a Change
Sometimes we become so used to the way our homes look that we don’t consider the impact a different furniture formation could have on the space. Take a step back and look objectively at all of the furniture you currently have in your home. Is it working as hard as it could be? Do you have interesting pieces in your spare room, where nobody sees them, that would be used and seen more elsewhere? Reconfiguring your rooms can make them look completely different without having to spend a penny. You could also repurpose and paint worn out furniture and other décor to make it look and feel as good as new.

Add a Lick of Paint
You will be amazed at the impact a fresh coat of paint can have on a room, particularly if you choose a bold and attention grabbing color. If you opt for light or pastel shades then paint the whole room and you’ll be amazed by how much lighter and brighter it appears. If you prefer vibrant primary colors then painting the whole room may be overpowering. Instead, opt to paint just one feature wall: for the best impact choose the wall that either your sofa or another key focal point is placed upon so that you can ensure the color will draw the eye. For the color shy you can achieve a similar affect using new bold colored accessories in the room instead. Just ensure that the color you choose is vibrant and contrasts with your existing décor in a complimentary way.

Don’t Scrimp on Everything
No matter what your budgetary constraints, there are some things that you simply shouldn't scrimp on when it comes to updating your property. Don’t try to complete difficult technical jobs, such as wiring or anything else electrical, yourself: It is often cheaper and less risky to your health to simply bring a fully qualified expert in to complete the job. You should also never scrimp on your home and contents insurance when your finances are tight: if you are burgled or the victim of a natural disaster then this is the time of your life then you would be least able to afford to replace all of your possessions.
Finally, don’t be afraid to buy or accept second hand furniture from friends and family. The quality of your furniture is important and, ultimately, you will want to have one piece of good quality furniture in every room of your home. By accepting second hand pieces you will be in a better position to save and buy new furniture the next time you come to decorate your home

 "Contributed by Jenni Ollerton"

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Improvement Projects to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Home For The Holidays 

As the weather slowly changes and the fall season starts peeking around the corner, your thoughts may turn to the upcoming winter holidays. If you enjoy having parties for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve or other holidays, then you want your home to look its best. Here are a few home improvement projects to invest in now so you can be ready for the holidays later.

Give the Kitchen a Facelift

You don’t have to invest in a whole new kitchen to enjoy a fresh look. If you have wood cabinets that feature a dated color, then consider refinishing them with a fresh coat of stain or paint. The mild weather of fall gives you the perfect time because you can leave the windows open to help dissipate fumes. Finish the look with a fresh color on the walls, new hardware on the doors and updated décor.

Improve the Look with Lighting

Change the lighting around your home to give it a fresh look that’s sure to impress. Dated ceiling fans can be replaced with chandeliers or more modern fans. Consider making the upgrade to wall sconces to spread the light out across the room and make it more attractive.

Consider Natural Lighting

As the days shorten, you lose natural light in the home. Take advantage of the sunlight as much as possible by adding skylights. Tubular skylights make this a relatively easy and affordable home improvement. Special reflective tubes connect a roof skylight with a smaller opening inside your interior ceiling. The natural light floods this tube during the day and can effectively brighten a dark hallway or interior bathroom.

Update Doors and Windows

Nothing draws attention to your doors and windows like holiday decorations. Wreaths guarantee that visitors to your home will take a good look at the front door, so you want it to look great. Inside the home, there are countless ways to dress up your doors and add a festive touch, but you don’t want to do this on a damaged or dated door. Make your home interior more attractive by replacing your doors with modern, raised-panel options that look great. When you go with energy efficient doors and windows, you’ll make the house look great even as you lower your energy bills.

The Best Time for New Flooring

With holiday parties looming, this is the best time to replace your worn carpet. Go with carpeting that has stain preventers built in so that you won’t have to worry as much about accidental spills. A better option is hardwood flooring that looks incredible, adds value to your home and is easy to care for.

All of these improvement projects can easily be done during the fall season, and most of them are surprisingly affordable. You’ll give your home a fresh look that will have it ready for your holiday décor. Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner or considering a big bash for the New Year, you’ll love how the house looks once the renovations are done and your decorations are in place.

Contributed by Tim Smith 
Tim Smith writes for Modernize.

Traditional - Holiday Decorating

Holiday Decorating - Traditional Holiday Decorating

Holiday  Decorating - Pomegranate and Magnolia-Leaf Garland

Pomegranates are traditionally a symbol of prosperity; Together with magnolia leaves, pine cones, and pheasant feathers, they make a beautiful natural garland to dress up a plain mantel or complement a grand one. 

Architectural  Holiday Ornaments

A 4-foot table-top tree sports ornaments that reflect the architectural details of the four houses and the hardware in the room.

Keyhole - Cover - Holiday Christmas Tree Ornaments

A keyhole cover that closely matches one found on the original rim lock on the room's door becomes a holiday Christmas tree ornament with the aid of colorful ribbon. Additional ornaments on the tree include other styles of door-keyhole covers, skeleton keys, and furniture-keyhole covers matching ones on a secretary in the room.

Holiday - Dollhouse Doors

Miniature doors and windows originally made for dollhouses represent the many styles found on the townhouses of Blair House, which span several decades of architectural style.

Tin-Ceiling Tree Planter

Using a tin ceiling tile as inspiration, This Old House senior technical editor Mark Powers created a holiday planter box to hold the tabletop tree.

Punched-Tin Star

A red tin Christmas tree topper mirrors the tin at the bottom of the assembly. 

Decorate Traditional Holiday Medallion Wreaths

Two lightweight, plaster-coated foam ceiling medallions hang in front of the windows likeChristmas wreaths. They've been painted on the cheap by mixing sample jars of traditional green paint into glaze to create the look of pine boughs. 

Pineapple Wreath Hanger

This over-door wreath hook has a pineapple motif; pineapples were symbols of hospitality in the late-18th and early-19th centuries and often appeared as adornment on trim or wallpaper.

Fruit Display

A bowl full of traditional fruits adds a pop of color to the room. 
Pomegranates, plain and gold-painted; POM Wonderful. Gold wire mesh bowl with leaf motif.

Reds, Greens, and Flickering Candles

A bay-leaf wreath and faux wood berries bring Christmas color to a plain hurricane-glass candle holder. A flameless LED candle flickers like real but is safe to be left alone in a room—historic or not.

Fireplace Adorned

Natural garlands, Magnolia-leaf, pine-cone garland and embroidered stockings turn the mantel into a Christmas centerpiece.

Glass Ornaments

Vintage-style glass ornaments emulate the colorful bangles that were popular in the 1950s.

Knitwear Ornaments

Hand-knit sweaters and stockings make great holiday decorating ornaments.

Fruity Colors

Faux oranges look identical to the real deal, but last longer. Great for seasonal and holiday decorating.

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Photos Courtesy of This Old House

Rustic - Holiday Decorating

Refined Rustic Mantel Decorating

The grasscloth wallpaper and cool slate fireplace in this living room dictated a natural holiday palette with warm colors and nubby textures. Burlap unifies the look, with homespun stockings on the mantel, an oversize bow topping the Christmas tree, and gifts wrapped in the woven material. Cool mercury glass ornaments add a touch of shimmer.

Grasscloth Wallpaper

The natural shades of grasscloth wallpaper are the perfect backdrop for an organic holiday decorating scheme. Grasscloth texture adds a sense of warmth to a room. Try painting window trim and molding a rich color to add interest.

Striped Flat-Weave Rug

Flat weave cotton rugs are as durable as they are affordable – they’re easy to maintain, so a small investment will go a long way. Stripes work well in both traditional and modern settings. This rug’s brown tones set a warm tone.

Modern Wing Chair

During the holidays try a contemporary spin on a very traditional shape. An angular wing chair, with clean lines and simple squared legs, is both sleek and classic. William Sonoma Home’s version comes in your choice of faux suede, velvet, or linen upholstery.

Burlap Stockings

Try your hand at DIY Christmas decorations. This room’s homespun stockings are easy to make with inexpensive burlap fabric and humble twine. One yard of fabric yields about 2 large stockings, and you’ll also need a needle with an extra-large eye.

Large-Scale Vintage Wheel

Instead of artwork above the mantel, add a sense of dimension with a large wheel. For a holiday touch, try lacing the wheel with simple cypress garland.

Woven Basket Christmas Tree -Holder

The woven raffia basket at the base of the Christmas tree is wide enough to fit a standard tree stand, and tall enough to obscure the tree trunk. The basket’s height lifts the branches and clears lots of room at the base of the Christmas tree for gifts.

Mercury Glass Holiday Ornaments

Add a bit of subtle shimmer to the neutral Christmas tree with silvery-gray mercury glass ornaments in various sizes. Antique mercury glass can be pricey, but this set is available for a song.

Delicate Snowflake Ornaments

The white snowflake ornaments are a nod to winter and a graphic touch to the tree décor. Save a few to tie-on to presents or bottles of wine to bring to holiday dinner parties.

Bronze Gift Wrap

In addition to basic craft paper and solid white wrap, incorporate shades of bronze and silver into your packaging. A bit of sheen will keep your gifts from looking dull.

Wraphia Ribbon

Use this sturdy ribbon to hang ornaments to the Christmas tree and to tie up gift packages. A 100-yard roll will certainly last throughout the holiday season.

                                                    Photos  and Article Courtesy of Southern Living

Rustic - Holiday Decorating

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Decorating - Holiday Event Decorating

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Holiday Christmas Decorating - Home For The Holidays

Add Color to Your Front Door For the Holidays

Accent a bright white door with the deep colors of an evergreen wreath and garland. Tie on extra-wide red ribbons to complete the Christmas look and add graphic punch. Twinkling lights add a soft glow at night and allow the door and decor to be seen from the street.

Put Out Christmas Lanterns

Arrange a grouping of festive lanterns at your entryway for quick-and-easy holiday decorating style. Consider using flameless candles as a worry-free alternative to regular pillars.

Disguise unsightly wires from string lights by winding them around a column or post withChristmas greenery or garland and setting a pretty container of ornamental cabbage or kale at the base.

Fill Cylinders with Holiday Ornaments

Use spray paint to add a shimmery touch to pinecones, acorns, or round glass ornaments. Displayed en masse in tall glass vases, they become instant and easy Christmas accents.

Decorate with Colors That Match Your Décor

Plan holiday Christmas decorations to work with your existing decor, even if that means using unexpected colors like cream and beige. Accents in shades of gold and silver blend seamlessly with this room’s soft white-and-ivory color scheme and play off the tones of other metallic accessories, like the coffee table.

Create an Arrangement with Fruit and Greenery

Use a glass hurricane or vase to create an arrangement that will last throughout the Christmas season by filling the jar with a layer of limes, red holly berries, and lemons. Top it off with stems of greenery.

Cluster Holiday Ornaments

Cluster small Christmas ornaments together for a big impact. These tiny jingle bells recall the larger ones on top of the tree and are so charming when used in abundance. Simply thread them together with string and hang.

Fill Lanterns with Berries and Eucalyptus

Suspend lanterns from the underside of a patio umbrella with ribbon. Try to vary the lengths and space them far enough apart so that a passing breeze won’t knock them together. Choose natural elements such as holly berries and eucalyptus sprigs instead of candles to fill the lanterns. This special touch reinforces your overall Christmas decorating theme.

Spray Paint Holiday Ornaments

Give traditional ornaments a monochromatic look by spray-painting them all white. It's an easy way to update old ornaments or create an instant collection that feels familiar and loved.

Photos and Article courtesy of Southern Living

Holiday Christmas Decorating Charlotte, Mooresville, Winston Salem NC

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Decorating - Holiday Event Decorating

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