Budget-Friendly Advice for Cleaning Your New House or Apartment

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Budget-Friendly Advice for Cleaning

Your New House or Apartment

Nothing can make you feel less welcome in your own space than other people’s residual dirt. To ensure your next abode is move-in ready, plan to give it a thorough cleaning before you make a full transition. Whether you own or rent, with these thrifty strategies from Redesign + More, you can make it really feel like home without breaking your budget.  

Connect with Help

There are ample responsibilities associated with changing your residence, between all the packing, arrangements, and the move itself. There is so much to tend that many people elect to hire professional cleaners for a one-time deep cleaning at the new place, freeing themselves of that responsibility. While rentals typically are cleaned by a landlord, hiring a service ensures it’s done to your specifications. It’s a sure way to feel comfortable in your new home, and finding someone to do it is a snap. To save on the expense, consider hiring a national cleaning service like MaidPro, and take advantage of their promotions to stretch your moving budget. 

DIY Tips

Doing your own cleaning can save you a few bucks, and putting a little elbow grease into your new place can really make it feel like it’s yours. If you prefer to tackle this part of the process DIY-style, you can make it go quickly with some upbeat music to keep you motivated. Be sure to assemble a squad of effective tools, such as a cleaning caddy, duster, and vacuum. To stretch your dollars the most, when you gather your cleaning goodies, use a coupon or promo code for a major retailer like Lowe’s.

Tackling Unpleasant Surprises

Sometimes, in the course of cleaning a new place, some unpleasant surprises emerge. Children, pets, foods, and so forth can leave their marks in various ways, and as a result, your new place may harbor off-putting smells. Many unpleasant odors can be managed with something right in your pantry: hardworking baking soda can be applied to all sorts of surfaces, such as floors, carpeting, and fabrics, and allowed to sit to absorb smells. For pet-related odors, Canine Journal suggests employing a pet odor neutralizer for best results.

Pollution and Cleansers

 Even if you don’t have allergies, staying on top of air quality is worthy of consideration, especially if your new home is a unit in a complex. Bear in mind that to some extent, you’ll be subject to other renters’ choices as the air circulates. For instance, some cleaning products, paints, solvents, and other chemicals appear to pollute indoor air, according to American Home Shield. As for yourself, you can make your own natural cleaning products using ingredients such as white vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. For an off-the-shelf version that is kind to your body and the environment, consider going with products from websites like Crabtree & Evelyn. You can get free shipping when you spend $50 or more, and check their special offers for the best values.

Don’t Forget About Your Old Home!

Before you finally bid farewell to your old space, why not apply some of these handy cleaning tips and tricks? This is especially important if your former house is still on the market. A deep cleaning, as well as paying attention to things like curb appeal, can actually help improve your home appraisal value and help it catch the eye of buyers.

A smart strategy is to put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer and do your own tour, as if you’re having an open house. What would be a turn off? For instance, if you have a cracked window or two, while you may have gotten used to it over time, buyers see it differently even if they’re not completely broken. So be sure to hire a home window repair specialist near you and get it fixed.

To really feel at home in a new place, a thorough cleaning is in order. Thankfully, there are plenty of budget-friendly, money-saving opportunities for getting the place spotless. Decide on your best methods and set yourself up for a healthy environment. You’ll feel comfortable right off the bat knowing your home is truly move-in ready.

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Erin Reynolds