Tips to Convert Your Property Into a Vacation Rental


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Over the last several years, the vacation rental industry has changed rapidly. More than ever before, it’s easier to rent out your condo or home for short-term stays. Whether you’re looking to convert your home to vacation rental permanently or on a temporary basis, you need to make it attractive to visitors if you want a good return on investment. Redesign + More offers decorating services, both online and off, and can help you create a vacation rental to love. Here are suggestions you could use to prep your home as a vacation rental.

Clean Your Home

The first thing when preparing your home as a vacation rental is implementing the vacation rental cleaning checklist. The home must be in good order to ensure when guests arrive they can have a stress-free stay, which would help you get good rates and attract more bookings. Ensure the beds are made up and have clean linens. If you want a thorough job, you could hire housekeeping services.

 Research Vacation Rentals in Your Area

You also need to research vacation rentals in your area to know who your competitors are. Learn everything, including the kinds of permits you need to run the business. If necessary, invite a professional like a real estate attorney to streamline the legal process. Once you submit your paperwork, do competitive research to know what other properties do correctly, as well as find out what they lack that you could implement. Vacation listing sites are among places you can find a lot of valuable information about your competitors.

Add Luxurious Touches to the Property

To attract visitors, you must have some identifying features that make it worth the investment to stay at your property. One idea would be adding luxurious touches. According to Architectural Digest, you can make minor changes like swapping out knobs on cabinets and applying solid colors to make over the rooms. For things like the showerhead, you can find gorgeous designs, some with massage functions. Other elements you could implement include placing greenery into a planner that will wow guests.

Install Smart Home Security Systems

There are many reasons you want to get a smart home security system. The system will give you and your guests peace of mind as many people prefer booking accommodation at a rental with good security technology. You can find different components to fit into the home, including smart locks, security cameras, and other features that can improve monitoring and security around the property.

Leave Detailed Instructions

Written instructions will help renters have an easy time staying on your property, as well as make it easier for you to manage it. They don’t need to call you every time they have questions or need something as you have provided sufficient information on how to operate different features. Cover things like local rules on parking, where to take trash and recycling, and a list of local gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants. In addition, provide contact information like your email and phone number. You could also list emergency numbers and addresses for the nearest hospital.

Create a Rental Agreement Letter

It’s also important to have a rental agreement for your guests. Write a rental agreement that lists your expectations and have policies that instruct guests on things they can and cannot do during their time on the property. Also, the agreement outlines house rules, rental fees, and check-in or check-out policies. Provide details on what vacationers must do if they damage property. Other details you can have on the rental agreement include rules on smoking, pets, occupancy, and parties.

If you have a property and want to earn money running it as a vacation rental, consider these steps as a part of your preparation. Work on all legal requirements, then make the space attractive for guests. With minimal touches to improve the appearance and feel of the home, you can make the property more attractive to guests.

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