Home Paint Color Choices

Color comes with many choices keep in mind that paint colors in your home can influence your mood and energy levels. The way you function in a room and depending on your style determines your choice for warm, cool, dark or light colors.

Colors combined together add visual interest to a room, they can give a home a modern or traditional feel. Keep in mind when looking at color chart samples that pink to yellow are warm and green to purple are cool colors.

Dark deep reds, purples, dark blues and greens can give you a gloomy effect but when used in the right way as an accent element they help to comfort and make you feel secure.

Yellow, orange and pink shades give the room a higher temperature they are best used in rooms that receive less sunlight. They stimulate movement  avoid them in a room that you want to use for relaxation such as your bedroom. Yellow in a bedroom brings happiness so if you are someone that feels the winter blues this may be a room color choice for you.

Cool colors are your spa blues and greens they have a calming effect. For a bedroom these colors are a good choice as they help you relax and feel rejuvenated the next morning. Pay attention to rooms that have very little to no sunlight when using these cool colors.

Where family gathers and communicates dark colors like navy blues often create a cold feeling and conversation can be discouraged. I suggest not using these colors in family rooms and dining rooms.

Use red as an accent color it tends to raise the energy level in a room and can sometimes make some a little annoyed.

Gray has been one of my favorite colors coming in warm and cool tones its great for family rooms, living rooms, bathrooms and just about any room. Using in the kitchen may curb the appetite for some of us which might be a good thing sometimes.

Color maybe the easiest and least expensive way to transform the mood and energy of a room, choosing color can sometime be overwhelming. We can help guide you from start to finish so you will achieve a paint project that you love. Ready and available are a full line of Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint color samples to view.

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Peggy Johnson