Creating a Bathroom for Two

A couple’s home should be a space built to meet the wants and needs of each partner; by ensuring the living area, kitchen and bedrooms are fully stocked with the items each of you would have in your own space, you can create a happy medium that is fulfilling for both of you.

There is however one room in the home that is often overlooked when it comes to our ‘equal shares’: the bathroom. This should be a space in which you can feel completely comfortable and relaxed and therefore the idea of incorporating individual ideas will not only help create a unique interior but also provide a sanctuary that you can both escape to.

A Fight for Space
The bathroom is often fairly small in comparison to other rooms in the house, so packing the room with your respective toiletries and bathroom products can cause unnecessary clutter and prove frustrating when your partner needs space to unwind.

By adding some simple storage solutions to your bathroom, you can each have an assigned space in which to tidy away your hair gel and deodorants from the windowsill or eyelash curlers and tweezers from by the mirror. Bathroom cabinets are great for storing away smaller items such as toothbrushes and razors, whereas a small set of draws may be more practical for larger essentials like wash bags, makeup kits and hairdryers.

Styles that Blend Well
By blending style preferences, you can be sure the bathroom will become a fashionable space that both of you feel comfortable in. It’s fair to say the everyday man won’t feel comfortable in a purely pink bathroom, where as a woman is unlikely to feel relaxed in a space filled with shaving utensils and marks of a clumsy man (let’s not get into the toilet seat debate).

A quick fix to this problem is by encouraging color with the use of accessories, whilst keeping the main colors in your bathroom fairly neutral and agreed upon. Pale tones such as white and cream can act as a luxuriously blank canvas for each of you to add personal touches to, whereas naturally inspired tones such as greens and blues are equally as versatile yet add a more interesting appeal to an otherwise bland room. The use of vividly colored towels, robes, flowers and wall decorations are a great way to further enhance an individual style and also add eye catching elements within your design.

Space to Enjoy
Make sure the bathroom is clutter-free and spacious enough for the two of you is one thing, but creating a room that two can enjoy simultaneously is another task all together. Many couples like the idea of taking a hot bath or shower together, but often find the experience unpleasant and difficult due to the lack of space. By adding a larger, deeper tub such as a corner fitted unit or a more spacious shower enclosure, you can both enjoy a nice start to the day together, or even a steamy and ultimately romantic end before bed.

Couple’s Extras
There are some items on the market specifically designed for the couple’s bathroom; ‘his & hers’ basin sets are a unit which features two basins, and space for each of your toiletries. This can be a fantastic addition to your home, should your bathroom be large enough, and is sure to add that aesthetic value to the space should you ever come to sell the house.

Putting up two pegs on the back of the bathroom door creates a nice space to hang your bathrobes, and finishing off with some ‘his & hers’ towels or washcloths can make for an endearing aspect and a definite sense of unity.

This article was written by Alexandra an experienced blogger and enthusiastic about creating harmony in the home through interior design on behalf of Bathshop321 who provide the ultimate in shower baths and many other luxurious but practical pieces of bathroom fittings.