Color and Emotions

 “Often we are not aware of the effects the visual world has on our senses and our feelings.”

Certain colors can evoke a strong emotional response, and clever use of light can enhance or subdue a mood. So before you decorate, take the time to first consider how you want to feel in the room, and spend some time there before you decide on the final palette.

Paint some test colors on the walls and observe how they change from day to night, and lay some fabric over a chair in front of the painted wall to see how the two colors and surfaces react with each other.

For example, in a home office that benefits from lots of natural daylight, you may wish to use a cool sky blue as the main color in order to stimulate clear thinking and a peaceful atmosphere. Yellow is a great color to use in a kitchen, and creates a citrus fresh wake-up, or if a warmer tone is used, a cozy family space.

If you decide on a passionate, hot scheme of red tones for the living room, then consider surfaces and fabrics that will enhance this sensual mood. Choose a high-gloss lipstick color for the woodwork and sumptuous velvets and smooth satins for the upholstery. Low level candlelight is sure to finish this mood off perfectly.

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