Home Redesign - Charlotte NC

Everyone wants a Home Redesign - at one time or another. But time and budget constraints often have us putting home redesign - on the bottom of the things to do list. If you can't wait to add new life to your homes interior, check out these quick and easy tips that you can put into action right now.

Redesign Your Home - (Toss, Toss, and Toss)
Nothing revives a homes interior space more than digging it out from under a pile of junk. Donate old books and magazines to a hospital, send clothing you haven't worn to a charity or a women's shelter, have a garage sale and toss things that are broken.

Bringing in new life for your Home Redesign -
Use plants they really bring a room to life, collect plants from other rooms in your home and group them together in varying heights - one on a chest, one on side table and one on the floor, for example. Add unlit candles or beautiful blue and white china between them to add interest.

Redesign - with a new Color Palette
Strip old wallpaper, and then go all out with a new color scheme. Like metallic paints and suggests applying them with contrasting colors for walls, doors and moldings; for example, a silver door with black molding and lime or aqua walls if you like to experiment with color; or a copper door with taupe molding and ivory walls. Once you're going to change it, be a little adventurous it's only paint.

Home Redesign - using what you already own
If you have remnants of fabric lying around, put them to good use reupholster cushions or drape them over a sofa arm. You can also use fabric in your home redesign - to embellish cabinets or bookcases. Cut fabric to size, wrap and staple around a thin piece of board, then place it at the back of the cabinet. Adding a small lamp will help spotlight the fabric's color and sheen.

Redesign - your homes bathroom using color combinations
Update and Redesign your bathroom by removing the medicine cabinet and replacing it with a large mirror in a gilt picture frame, and add matching towel bars and even new taps for your sink. Drape fluffy towels in wonderful color combinations like aqua and chocolate. Most importantly, if you don't have an exhaust fan get one, It can eliminate the possibility of mold and mildew.

Redesign - by warming up the homes room
Place an ottoman by the fireplace and top it with a short stack of books or magazines, a teapot and a teacup. This Home Redesign - is cozy and warm.

Home Redesign - Lighting
New lighting not only modernizes a room’s interior in the home but also helps items in a room sparkle and shine. For the children’s rooms, there are great new chrome and glass fixtures that look like trains, planes or helicopters; it could also be fun to hang a sparkly chandelier in the bathroom. If your lighting fixtures are keepers, make sure you're using the proper bulbs and wattage for a successful - home redesign.

Kitchen - Home Redesign -
If you don't want to redesign and makeover the whole kitchen, put in new countertops or change cupboard doors and handles. A chocolate-colored door with long, narrow brushed aluminum handles is really attractive and gives your kitchen - home redesign - a little character.

Redesign - your home - using food
When flowers are scarce in the wintertime go to your refrigerator and pull out colorful fruiter vegetables and place them in a beautiful clear glass bowl. If you're having people over, group breads of different textures, like pumpernickel and raisin, on a nice serving plate and place it with a few pretty dishes and cutlery in the middle of a dining table or on a sideboard. Welcome your guest into your new interior - home redesign.

Furniture placement for your - home redesign -
Create a whole new look by moving around significant pieces of furniture and accessories. Redesign - your room by angling a sofa instead of placing it straight on a wall, or make a conversation area if it doesn't exist put sofas facing each other, or a couple of chairs facing a sofa. Turn the dining table the other way if the space allows. In the bedroom, try moving the bed into the center of a room or under a window. Try these quick tips for your - home redesign.

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