Spring Forward with Simple Ideas to keep your House on Trend

Simple Ideas to Keep your House on Trend in 2014
Not everyone has the time, money or patience to do a complete overhaul on their whole house just to follow the fashions of interior design every year, but with a few straightforward additions/changes it can be simple for anyone to create a new, fresh feel to any living space.
There are a few key trends which are the focus of 2014 for interior design, and here are the main ones set to make an impact this year:

Painterly pastels
Painterly pastels are vital this year, and with the injection of soft blush pinks, hints of copper and pale petrol blues it’s easy to completely transform a space. Changing a few feature points is a great way to introduce 2014 trends. Invest in a high-quality bold-printed pastel rug to act as a focal point to begin the transformation. Warm up the colors of this trend which can sometimes appear quite cold, with natural oak and pine furniture. Incorporate soft shades in water-color art to act as a focal point, and remain minimal with accessories to create a chic, stylish environment for your living area.

Hollywood Glamour
Another big style this year to get inspiration from is Hollywood Glamour. Any form of glamour in fact this year is set to remain massive, and with such a quintessential theme this is a trend that will just last and last. Grey, mustard yellow and turquoise colors are vital when following this style. Timeless furniture is also essential for this trend, therefore it’s a great idea to concentrate on what type of sofa you need to suit this and complement your chosen color theme. It’s an idea to purchase your perfect furniture pieces first and build out from this. In order to re-work this style year after year, consider a grey, simple box sofa and add themed colors of Hollywood Glamour, to create a dateless living room space.

Ethnic Prints
Adding either authentic or mock ethnic fabrics, upholstery and prints to your living space will definitely add a fresh vibe and will complement existing furniture in classic materials and fabrics, such as quality leather. This is a great easy but effective way to completely transform an area without having to redecorate or invest in any expensive alterations. If you can get your hands on authentic then all the better as these will not only provide wonderful conversation pieces, but also little tokens of memorable times from travelling abroad. Go for quite a simple decoration that will be able to stand up to these prints, which could get lost in an overly fussy room. So even though beige colors are not as hot this season, this will act as a great base for incorporating bold prints to match this theme.

Victorian Frenzy
If vintage is your thing, Victorian style is set to be massive this year. Be that parquet-style laminate flooring, dark-stained flooring or anything else of this dramatic nature. There are far less imposing ways to still revamp a room into a Victorian dream, though. Eccentric Victorian trinkets and ornaments are a great place to start, but consider also branching out into a staple couch and armchairs. Don’t be wary of introducing Victorian imagery to really enhance the theme. Flea markets can be a source that’s great to pick up authentic pieces; watch out for globes, quirky printing blocks and old-fashioned telephones. According to Independent Mail the best time to hit flea markets is in winter and early spring. This trend really is one to have fun with and the possibilities are quite endless. Another great focus for this style is to bring through literature inspired artwork and collectible copies of classic novels.

Flower Power
An interesting new trend that has begun to take form already this year, and is set to come into its own over the summer is to merge the outdoors with the in. This is going to mean getting creative with flower displays. The flower vase on the mantel piece simple isn't going to cut it this year. It’s really worth visiting a local flower show or event to get an idea of what you think you can realistically accommodate into your living space. Conservatories are a really good place to first introduce this theme, but why not be adventurous and see where you can take it in the rest of your house, too?

So this year why not try your hand at reinventing your living space to create a whole new feel with these trended inspirations. It really is that simple.

"Contributed by Jenni Ollerton"