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Easy - Fall Holiday Seasonal Decorating 

These fall seasonal holiday decorating - ideas include several no-hassle projects that are full of fall textures and colors. We love to share wonderful - seasonal holiday decorating ideas from Better Homes & Gardens.

Twist on - Traditional Holiday Seasonal Decorating
Festive tablescape sets the scene for fall holiday entertaining. Give your typical tableaux a twist by incorporating a non-fall color. Here, the bright sky blue plate breaks up the rich reds and vibrant oranges typically used in fall decorating.Try pairing plum or Bordeaux hues with golden yellows or sage or olive greens with chocolate browns.

  Seasonal Tablescape Decorating

Fall Tablescapes
Embrace the bounty of beautiful fall colors with a seasonal tablescape. The star of this table is a stunning arrangement of late-blooming flowers mixed with bold red-orange leaves. Small gourds and pumpkins are also randomly placed around the table, creating a laid-back vibe perfect for fall entertaining.

       Holiday Event Decorators 

Festive Holiday Seasonal Dishware
One of the easiest ways to bring a touch of fall character into your home is through dishware and table linens. This pretty table setting features fall favorite hues, including pumpkin oranges, maple reds, and straw yellows. A tiny gourd topped with an oversize bow functions as a festive place card. The gingham-print bow and napkin tie together all of the colors and add a splash of seasonal pattern.

     Fall - Holiday Entertaining

For the Holidays Use a Leafy Table Runner
Easily transform an ordinary table runner into playful fall decor using nothing more than felt and hot glue. Purchase felt in autumn-inspired colors from your local crafts store. Trace different sizes of leaves and twigs onto the felt, cut them out, and place the pieces in a pleasing pattern onto the table runner. Adhere the twigs onto the surface first using a hot-glue gun to ensure correct placement of the leaves. Then glue down each leaf onto the top of one of the tiny twigs. The result is a festive table runner perfectly suited to fall entertaining holiday events.

Natural Beauty
Creating a bold centerpiece can be done on a dime. In fact, you can re-create this fall seasonal - arrangement by just stepping outside. Simply comb your backyard for fallen leafy twigs and place the collection in a wide vase filled with water. Natural imperfections in the leaves, such as tiny holes or rumpled edges, add texture and create an authentic natural look.

       Seasonal Holiday Decorating

Festive Furniture
Dress up your furniture with cozy items in seasonal colors. Here, a wicker chair is draped with a warm orange throw, and a maple leaf pillow sits comfortably on top. Perk up a plain pillow by enlarging a leaf using a copier to make a pattern. Cut the pattern out of wool felt and attach it to the pillow cover using iron-on fusible backing. Blanket-stitch around the edges.

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Seasonal Shelf Display
Fill old jars with fall berries to bring the colors of fall to any shelf in your home. Comb your lawn for fallen branches or snip a collection of twigs off of a nearby tree and place a couple in each jar, scattering a few berry sprays along the surface of the mantel. Tiny white gourds add another dimension of seasonal decorating - textures.

Bookcase Beauty
Transform your everyday bookshelf into a fall display with a few simple tweaks. First, to create a consistent and graphic look, cover books with festive paper we love these tree- and floral-inspired prints. Then incorporate natural elements and accessories in fall hues.

Bookshelf Scenario
Artfully arrange fall decorating - items on a bookshelf or in an open cabinet. Put platters on their sides, fill vases with colorful flowers, and pile bowls with mini gourds to create a diverse display. Try heaping small items, such as acorns, bright berries, and sweet gum seedpods, into glass bowls. Adhere a dried fern frond to a platter with spray adhesive to embellish a simple plate.

Photo and Article Courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens

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Fall Home Decorating

Can you believe the Fall season is almost here?  There’s something truly rejuvenating about Falls arrival. In Charlotte North Carolina Fall is the perfect time to get your home organized and redesigned for the winter ahead.  Its time to freshen your homes interior and start thinking about a new fall decorating plan that feels warm, welcoming and cozy.  Are you Ready to update and decorateyour home for fall?

                                                Photo Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

1.  Picture Perfect Fall Decorating
If you’re a closet shutterbug, Redesign + More can help you take photographs of pretty fall foliage or other scenes that say “fall” to you.  The idea is to blow the photos up and display them on tables or, create a feature wall in your home using picture rails. It’s fun to display photographs in frames of varying shapes, sizes and finishes for amped-up visual appeal. You can change up photos each season for a continually refreshed look and feel.

2.  Fall Welcome Wreaths
Wreaths are traditionally associated with Christmas but more and more, wreaths are becoming a fall decorating essential as well. Adorn your front door with a wreath made out of wheat, berries, pinecones or acorns for a simple but elegant way to welcome guests to your home. A simple pinecone wreath, for example, can be updated for the holidays with the easy addition of red berries, green leaves and ribbon.

                                                                    Photo Courtesy of Etsy

3.  Simple Slipcovers and Toss Pillows
Updating your home doesn’t have to mean buying all new furniture. Your existing furniture can get an instant makeover by using slipcovers and toss pillows. Replace cotton slipcovers and toss pillows in warm fall colors like chocolate brown, green, red and rust.
                                                             Photo Courtesy of Etsy
4.  Clusters of Candles during the Fall Season
Candles add a warm glow to any room in the home. Place scented candles in large hurricane vases. Nestle the vases in individual bases made from pinecones or fauxfall berries. Candles with woodsy fragrances like pine or balsam or sweet scents like vanilla or cranberry will send a delightful aroma throughout your home.

5.  Mad for Plaid My Fall Favorite
Plaid is a fall favorite.  Replace cotton throws and cushions with ones graced with plaid, this is an easy way to transition your home from summer to fall. Grays, reds, greens and navy blues are traditional plaid colors and perfectly suit a fall-themed home.

6.  Pretty Pumpkins for Fall
Traditionally on display during Thanksgiving and Halloween, pumpkins make a lovely all-season fall addition. But how do you use them as decorative items, rather than jack-o-lanterns? Simply place a group of three pumpkins on your front porch on top of a welcome mat. Or, carve the insides out of a medium-sized pumpkin and fill the shell with flowers for a beautiful and natural floral display. Try painting a large pumpkin white, and then paint an interesting pattern on top in a different color. Display on a cake stand for a veritably unique centerpiece!

 Beautiful Photo By JustJoLynn
7.  A Bounty of Books & Hot Tea, Ready for Fall?
Fall is the perfect time to curl up with a hot cup of tea and a good book. Instead of leaving your books perfectly lined up on your bookcase, pick out the ones you plan to read for the season. Display them in neat stacks on tables around the house. It won’t cost you anything and will also motivate you to read those books that have been collecting dust on your bookshelf! (I prefer a cup of hot tea with a flavored creamer its absolutely delicious) 

8.  Gorgeous Garlands will bring the Fall Indoors
Pinecones can easily be strung together on a piece of twine to make a long and lovely garland. Beautiful and natural, a pinecone garland looks stunning strung along a staircase banister or a mantelpiece. Try this in your home.

9.  Change to a Fall Color Palette
A simple home redesign is to add fall colors to your home this will provide a fresh, updated feeling. Change out light-colored bathroom towels for ones in rich fall browns and oranges. Switch your bed linens from summer’s light, white cottons to coffee-colored flannels for warmth on cool nights.

                                                      Photo Courtesy of Potterybarn

10.  Area rugs for fall and winter
If you’ve got wood or tile flooring throughout your home, warm things up with area rugs during the fall and winter months. Hand-woven or hand-loomed rugs in spice colors like cinnamon, paprika and saffron will instantly give any room a pop ofcolor while also making things a bit more comfortable underfoot.


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Fall Decorating Outdoor Event - Ideas

Soon the cooler crisp temperatures will arrive and the outdoor fall colors will surround us in all their glory. With fall season here this gives us reason todecorate our homes for the fall season. I found some great inspiring designideas from Pottery Barn this year. Enjoy a few interior & exterior decorating ideas plus a few upcoming outdoor fall events to check out.

                                                            Photo Pottery Barn

1.  In your homes foyer add artwork that displays beautiful fall themes. I love the warmth that oranges, browns, golden yellows and reds can bring to your homeduring the fall season.
                                                                 Photo HGTV                                                             

2.  Show off your fireplace mantel with fall seasonal decorations. Often you can find items right in your back yard, pinecones, acorns, magnolia branches, driedcolorful leaves and leaf vines. Try your local craft store like Michaels to gather gourds and small pumpkins then add in a few colorful fall scented candles. Viola your fireplace is ready for the fall season.

                                                                   Photo Furniture Fashion

3.  Add fall spark to your front porch you can find color inspiration from thefalling leaves. Add colored ribbon mixed with raffia to your front porch columns, position white and orange pumpkins with seasonal mums on the front porch. Place a grouping of outdoor lanterns and add battery operated pillar candles to give a warm flickering glow. Happy Fall Decorating.

                                                               Photos Pottery Barn
4.  Fall dining room table centerpieces are a great way to infuse the fall colors.Feel free to add to your table centerpiece this will add visual interest during theseason. I have discovered some great dining room table decorating accessories from Pier One and Pottery Barn

                                                             Photo Pottery Barn

5.   Oh I love what fall does to the senses and the smell of fall makes me think of warm, cozy, crisp days to come.  Yankee Candle Company offers a huge assortment of scented fall candles, one of my old time favorites is spiced pumpkin. I always enjoy the smells you get from boiling a pot of cinnamon sticks, cloves & nutmeg or baking an apple or pumpkin pie. Your home will have instant fallaroma.

                                                           Photo Pottery Barn

                                                            Photo Yankee Candle

6.  The fall is great time to plan fall outdoor family activities.  Plan a day at Brushy Mountain Apple Festivalfind some family fall fun at Patterson Farms and enjoy pumpkin patch hayride tours at Carrigan Farms Go watch the beautiful balloons at the Carolina Balloon Fest & the fall season balloon rides are awesome.

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Creating a Bathroom for Two

A couple’s home should be a space built to meet the wants and needs of each partner; by ensuring the living area, kitchen and bedrooms are fully stocked with the items each of you would have in your own space, you can create a happy medium that is fulfilling for both of you.

There is however one room in the home that is often overlooked when it comes to our ‘equal shares’: the bathroom. This should be a space in which you can feel completely comfortable and relaxed and therefore the idea of incorporating individual ideas will not only help create a unique interior but also provide a sanctuary that you can both escape to.

A Fight for Space
The bathroom is often fairly small in comparison to other rooms in the house, so packing the room with your respective toiletries and bathroom products can cause unnecessary clutter and prove frustrating when your partner needs space to unwind.

By adding some simple storage solutions to your bathroom, you can each have an assigned space in which to tidy away your hair gel and deodorants from the windowsill or eyelash curlers and tweezers from by the mirror. Bathroom cabinets are great for storing away smaller items such as toothbrushes and razors, whereas a small set of draws may be more practical for larger essentials like wash bags, makeup kits and hairdryers.

Styles that Blend Well
By blending style preferences, you can be sure the bathroom will become a fashionable space that both of you feel comfortable in. It’s fair to say the everyday man won’t feel comfortable in a purely pink bathroom, where as a woman is unlikely to feel relaxed in a space filled with shaving utensils and marks of a clumsy man (let’s not get into the toilet seat debate).

A quick fix to this problem is by encouraging color with the use of accessories, whilst keeping the main colors in your bathroom fairly neutral and agreed upon. Pale tones such as white and cream can act as a luxuriously blank canvas for each of you to add personal touches to, whereas naturally inspired tones such as greens and blues are equally as versatile yet add a more interesting appeal to an otherwise bland room. The use of vividly colored towels, robes, flowers and wall decorations are a great way to further enhance an individual style and also add eye catching elements within your design.

Space to Enjoy
Make sure the bathroom is clutter-free and spacious enough for the two of you is one thing, but creating a room that two can enjoy simultaneously is another task all together. Many couples like the idea of taking a hot bath or shower together, but often find the experience unpleasant and difficult due to the lack of space. By adding a larger, deeper tub such as a corner fitted unit or a more spacious shower enclosure, you can both enjoy a nice start to the day together, or even a steamy and ultimately romantic end before bed.

Couple’s Extras
There are some items on the market specifically designed for the couple’s bathroom; ‘his & hers’ basin sets are a unit which features two basins, and space for each of your toiletries. This can be a fantastic addition to your home, should your bathroom be large enough, and is sure to add that aesthetic value to the space should you ever come to sell the house.

Putting up two pegs on the back of the bathroom door creates a nice space to hang your bathrobes, and finishing off with some ‘his & hers’ towels or washcloths can make for an endearing aspect and a definite sense of unity.

This article was written by Alexandra an experienced blogger and enthusiastic about creating harmony in the home through interior design on behalf of Bathshop321 who provide the ultimate in shower baths and many other luxurious but practical pieces of bathroom fittings.